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  1. We want to share our hymns, responsive songs, Psalms, curriculums, visual art and liturgical elements with you.  And we want you to share your original work with us!  Creativity in worship benefits all of us, and Chicago Liturgy houses a growing database where your material can be uploaded, categorized and searched for by all other members.

    The $50 annual fee for a full account allows you to upload any number of resources you’d like to share on the site and lets you classify your resources by church season, liturgical station, scriptural reference, author, associated church, etc.  After review by our team, your resources will be available for download by other worship directors and lead musician members for use in their worship services.

    Chicago Liturgy is not-for-profit.  In fact, no one associated with the administration of the website receives a paycheck.  The annual fee is used to cover hosting, search refinement, promotion, and administration costs for adding and classifying new resources.
  2. All resources in the Chicago Liturgy database are available for download with a full account - some of which are unavailable with a free account 

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Many resources at are available for free.  However, before you are able to download them for your own use, we ask for your email address and your zipcode.  This helps us to improve the site and to understand who are users are.  It also gives us a way to contact you with major changes and news about the website.  We do not use your email address for marketing or commercial mailings without your consent.

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